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SUITS TV Series S07E07 Harvey Specter's Check Prop to Masterson Construction for Alex Williams Buyout


Alex Williams reveals that after Harvey Specter broke his word, he was not promoted and was scorned by Bratton Gould, who gave him unwinnable cases and had him work ninety hours a week. After a few years, however, he was given a chance to redeem himself by Thomas Bratton, who had him represent Masterson Construction, who built the prisons owned and operated by Reform Corp. 

After a prisoner died while working, a guard gave Alex a letter regarding Reform Corp.'s cover-up of the prisoner's death. Alex passed it on to Thomas Bratton, who informed Masterson and Reform Corp., and the three arranged for the guard to be murdered.

Harvey apologizes to Alex for breaking his word and promises Alex that if he ever required a favor from him in the future, no matter what, he would repay him. Harvey goes to Masterson Construction to pay them off with 100 million dollar check, but the CEO ends up kicking it back to Harvey.