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The objective of is to provide a comprehensive resource for information to educate visitors about the lifestyles of fictional characters on Suits TV show series, along with selling props from the show obtained from well-know prop dealers in the industry.


The along with Suitsmore, LLC is a props and unofficial fan site. We are in no way officially affiliated with Suits the TV Drama Series, their representation, the actors, actress, producers or writers of the television show. All materials on this site are for entertainment purposes only. To the best of the LLC’s knowledge, all content, images, videos, sounds, photos etc., if any, are being used in compliance with Fair Use Copyright Law 107.

Logos, Screenshots & Promotional Images

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated all screen shots, logos, illustrations and promotional images are solely furnished for reference and information purposes and are not to imply that the item featured is the exact one referenced in the image. Please note multiple props are created during the production process. In all cases the copyright of screen grabs, logos, illustrations and promotional images remain property of the relevant studio or production company.

No copyright infringement is ever intended. We do not claim ownership of any materials displayed on this website. Any articles, photos, videos, or audio clips used on the site are copyrighted to their respective owners; no copyright infringement intended. Copyright to photographs are owned by the respective photographers. If they want to see any photographs on this website removed, please contact us through the contact page, specify which ones and give us time to remove them before taking any further action. Similarly, if you are a copyright holder and wish credits on your images or articles, please let us know and we will be glad to add them promptly.

Request for Change or Removal

If you own certain materials and would like them removed, by U.S. law you must contact the Webmaster before taking any legal action.

If you are the owner of content that is being used here without your permission, then please contact us through the contact form. You will need to provide some evidence to support your claim of ownership, however, as most of contacts of this nature comes from news sources and thus typically have official email accounts, those requests are complied with promptly and respectfully. If there is a possible agreement by which content can remain here and simultaneous fulfill your copyright information, please say so (such as watermarks or link credits) as well.

By law, prior to subjecting this website with an infringement suit and having the ISP remove the material in question, anyone claiming infringement is required to inform us of the situation and provide ten days in which the infringee must respond to any queries from us. The exact notice procedure is detailed and there must be substantial compliance for it to apply. In layman's terms, someone cannot just say, “this is copyright infringement, take it off” and serve us with a lawsuit.

Because no copyright infringement is ever intended, in the vast majority of these requests, we promptly remove or edit the page in question as a good-faith service. Simply by removing the material in question, we and our ISP are protected against any legal liability.

Terms of Use

By visiting this site, you are bound by the following terms:

(In the terms below, along with Suitsmore, LLC refers to the owner(s) and/or maintainer(s) of this entire web site.)

• You agree not to threaten, harass, take legal action against, coerce, make demands or requests of, or force signatures or other legal contracts with the WEBMASTER no matter what the reason, even if you feel you have legal right.

• You agree not to hold the along with Suitsmore, LLC liable for anything you find on this site.

• You agree not to redistribute any portion of this site.

• Unless specified otherwise, the along with Suitsmore, LLC does not claim ownership to anything found on this site.

• The along with Suitsmore, LLC does not knowingly intend or attempt to offend or violate any copyright or intellectual property rights of any entity.

• To the best of the along with Suitsmore, LLC's knowledge, all content, images, videos, sounds, photos etc., if any, are being used in compliance with Fair Use Copyright Law 107.

• The along with Suitsmore, LLC does not claim any affiliation or connection with the celebrities or any other entity referenced on this site.

• This is a prop site along with fan-operated site and the along with Suitsmore, LLC is only compensated for the props on this site, the affiliate links and Google Ads.

• This site may contain material inappropriate for some viewers.

• The along with Suitsmore, LLC reserves the right to make changes to any part of this site at any time.

• These terms are in effect throughout the entire site and include all content.