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SUITS TV Series S05E06 Samuel Tell Therapist Letter Prop with Dr. Paula Agard

Samuel Tull was a head stock trader at Morello Asset Management who oversaw the other traders. 

Samuel hired Harvey Specter to represent him, revealing that he had left Morello and was being framed by his current employers for an illegal trade.

Samuel had informed his therapist Dr. Paula Agard that he had felt guilty about the trade, which his employers gave to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; however, Harvey requested.

Dr. Agard to relinquish the other traders' patient notes in order to liberate Samuel.

Harvey Specter disgraces Dr. Paula Agard publicly by using confidential information she disclosed to him in an attempt to prevent Samuel Tull from being falsely imprisoned. When he fails, he convinces Dr. Agard to hand over the other traders' files and uses it to keep him out of prison.