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SUITS TV Series S04E12 Ian Caswith and Henry Gerard Affidavit Prop

Henry Gerard, professor of legal ethics at Harvard Law School, comes to Harvey Specter with a dilemma; he was appointed to create a compensation formula for Liberty Rail, following a derailment. However, he is being accused of being bribed after the TSA found $25,000 in his luggage.

Harvey refuses to believe that Gerard, a staunch upholder of ethics, would accept a bribe and asks where the money came from. Gerard states that he won it playing backroom poker, but after being prepared for his deposition, Mike Ross realizes that he is lying. This upsets Harvey, as Gerard always looked down on him for being the type of lawyer that bends the rules, only for Gerard to do the same himself.

Harvey discovers that the $25,000 was paid by a student named Ian Caswith in order for Gerard to change his grade in the class. In order to put the Liberty Rail bribery allegation to rest as well as prevent Gerard from being exposed, Mike has Ian sign an affidavit stating that the money paid was for a loan, which Gerard is to pay back.