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SUITS TV Series S03E14 Michigan Appeals Court Precedent Law Prop with Jonathan Sidwell and Mike Ross


Jessica informs Harvey about her conversation with Mike Ross, when she made it clear to him that he would be unable to advance in his career due to his fraud.

During a meeting with Tony Gianopolous and Jonathan Sidwell, Mike offers a deal where Gianopolous can spin-off a company with Gianopolous owning it and William Beck, his employee, running it. However, Gianopolous states that he wants Beck's career to be crushed and that he wants him out.

Sidwell, who is himself feeling trapped without career advancement, comes to the firm looking for Louis, who he hired as his personal lawyer in "Conflict of Interest", in order to get out of his non-compete.

Since Jessica told them to handle Louis' cases during his absence, as well as empathizing with Sidwell's situation, Mike notifies him that the Michigan Court of Appeals set a precedent for his non-compete to be broken.

However, when Gianopolous finds out, Mike is forced to undo his advice to Sidwell, and discovers Sidwell's algorithm, which is under Gianopolous' ownership, causing Sidwell's offer from another firm to be rescinded.