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SUITS TV Series S03E09 Folsom Foods Check Prop from Harvey Specter to Mike Ross

Dana Scott "Scottie" convinces Harvey not to include Folsom's payment, as she would get screwed out of Edward Darby's promise to make her a name partner if she beat him.

Harvey agrees, but when Hessington Oil fires them, thus tanking the firm's revenue, Harvey blames Scottie for fooling him, and works with Louis to get an advance payment from Gianopolous Holdings Limited, which puts them back over the top.

Scottie confronts Harvey, who refuses to believe that she did nothing. Scottie informs him that he could have called and asked her to leave Hessington Oil off her list the same way he left Folsom Foods off for her, although she realizes that he is not willing to ask from a position of weakness.

Jessica then informs the pair that it was Ava Hessington fired them, and that she is suing them all for malpractice.