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SUITS TV Series S02E06 Rachel Zane's Manhattan Ballet Repertory File Prop


Meanwhile, at a ballet event at the Royal Hall, Louis and Rachel see each other. Realizing that they are both alone, since the grieving Donna had bailed on Rachel, Louis invites Rachel to the extra seat beside him that he always has reserved. They bond during the performance.

As they leave the hall, they hear a man screaming insults, and when Louis assumes that he was insulting the ballet, he almost argues with the man, only to realize that the man was in fact Sergei Baskov, the renowned ballet dancer.

He tells Louis and Rachel that two of his dancers had sprained their ankles in their rehearsal space, so Louis offers to help his legal case against the hall.

Louis, on the other hand, assigns Rachel, despite her being a paralegal and not an associate, to help him with the case when he realizes that Harold Gunderson is clueless and ignorant about ballet.

When Louis finds out that Sergei had lied to him about his financials and paying the hall, Louis is heartbroken that the man he idolized and trusted would take advantage of him.

He opens up to Rachel, who reminds him that he is Louis, and that despite of Sergei's status, the ballet is bigger than Sergei and should not let that stop him.

Louis then goes on and pays for Sergei's debts to the Royal Hall through Sergei's salary, which they would receive because Louis was able to convince the board to fire Sergei. He does, however, give Sergei the opportunity to leave gracefully on his own to avoid scandal.