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SUITS TV Series S02E04 Donna Paulsen Coastal Motors Document Prop


Harvey receives a letter from rival law firm Smith & Devane, revealing that they are opening a case Harvey settled four years ago regarding a hood manufacturing defect due to new evidence.

Harvey meets with the Smith & Devane attorney, who is revealed to be Travis Tanner, having been hired as the firm's newest senior partner after having been fired by Clyde-MacPhee after signing Harvey's $2 million per plaintiff settlement in "Undefeated".

Tanner notifies Harvey that a new confidential memo has come to light that exposes Coastal Motors' fraud, and that it also implicates Harvey for fraud as he did not disclose the memo.

In the file room, Donna discovers to her horror the confidential memo buried in the case files, personally date stamped by her in 2008.