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How To Dress Like Harvey Specter

From Suits through the seasons, Harvey Specter (portrayed by Gabriel Macht) suits style seems to be inspiration and style comes from Tom Ford the Windsor Collection usually in dark blues, light grey or pinstripe and always in three-piece suit.

Photo by USA Networks (S01, E01) 

The studio hired costume designer Jolie Andreatta for styling all the characters on the show from Season 1 - 8. For Harvey stylings she stated Harvey – who wears Tom Ford suits exclusively – needs 20 suits in varying shades per season. Limited by the fact that Ford doesn’t produce many cloths of piqued lapel suits, Jolie had to make their own reproductions – “but we always give credit to Tom because that’s where they originate from,” she stated. She has stayed very Cary Grant with him. Solid ties and higher-cut collars, so it’s a little more romantic. 

Check out costume designer Jolie Andreatta.

Photo by USA Networks/Shane Mahood (S04, E08) 

Harvey Specter's Business Style

The Suit

The Tom Ford Windsor 3-Piece suit has been crafted with the finest pure wool and features a stylish three-piece design with classic details including peak lapels, a double vented hem and pressed pleats.

Here are some other suits that Harvey wears throughout the series, Harry Rosen, Canali, and Garrison Bespoke (see below). In the beginning of the series more of Ermenegildo Zegna and ZZegna.

On some various seasons Harvey Specter is wearing suits designed by Michael Nguyen from the Toronto-based custom menswear boutique called Garrison Bespoke. He has now created a "The Specter Collection" - Garrison seems to have a collaboration with Coppley; a workshop and tailor with 100+ years of experience.

Then again to change things up Michael Nguyen, added more silk to Harvey suits. Silk-blend suits breathe.

Check out Michael Nguyen by Garrison Bespoke.

Tom Ford Navy 3-Piece Suit
The Windsor Collection

Tom Ford Charcoal 3-Piece Suit
The Windsor Collection

Tom Ford Black 3-Piece Suit

The Windsor Collection

Tom Ford Navy Pinstripe 3-Piece Suit
The Windsor Collection

Tom Ford Black Pinstripe 3-Piece Suit
The Windsor Collection

Check out these Collections by Tom Ford.

Black Tuxedo*

*When Harvey appears in Atlantic City with Mike to save Kevin Hoyt (
S02, E06) and at the black-tie party celebrating the proposed merger of Pearson Hardman with Darby International (S02, E16), his bowtie isn’t the classic shape but rather The Diamond Point Style, which has ends that are pointed rather than squared off.


The Dress Shirts

The shirts from these seasons dress shirts which can give you the Harvey Specter look and style. Harvey wears a mix of dress shirts from Tom Ford, Harry Rosen, Eton, Giorgio Armani, Canali, Van Heusen, Ermenegildo Zegna and J.P. Tilford Custom for Harry Rosen – all made from Italian fabrics.


The Ties

The ties from these seasons to fit the suit which can give you the Harvey Specter look and style. Harvey wears a mix of ties from Brioni – all made from Italian fabrics.


The Shoes

The shoes he ranged from Salvator Ferragamo and Tom Ford. 

Photo by USA Networks/Shane Mahood (S06, E12) 

Harvey Specter's Casual Style

The styles by Jolie includes simple pieces such as jackets, henley shirts, button down oxfords, chinos and from cashmere to merino knitwear. Harvey is the true in minimalist casual style has three mottos on how to dress casual: to be presentable, functional, and gain respect. Harvey's Cashmere Sweater Patrick Assaraf or from Wings and Horns.

The Sunglasses

For sunglasses especially in the sun, Harvey has to be in-style, his go-to is either Persol or Tom Ford Sunglasses. Harvey's Persol Sunglasses Polarized during Alicia Funeral (S02, E01) or Harvey's Tom Ford Snowden Sunglasses - TF237 visiting Cameron (S03, E02).

The Haircut Style

Seems Harvey goes for the The Neat-Messy Faux Hawk-Crew Cut. The advantage of this hair style, compared to his slick-back, it that is much easier to obtain and maintain. Furthermore, Gabriel seems to have fine hair will gravitate towards this kind of styling, as Harvey’s slick hair may not be easily achievable with thicker hair. When you go to the stylist, ask for a number 2 on the sides and back with clippers, to get that uniformed look. Ensure they leave your hair longer on top then the sides, which will allow you to spike it forwards and clearly show that the sides and top are of different lengths.

The Shaving Style

In Harvey Specter's bathroom he has Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shaving Cream and for after shave he has Blue Cypress After Shave Balm.

The Cologne Style

In Harvey Specter's bathroom he has Bvlgari Man and for cologne he has Lacoste L'Homme Lacoste Eau de Toilette Cologne.